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FREE TO BLOOM   Leave a comment

Free to bloom flowers I see

our lord Gods creativity

miracles of life each wonderful day

natures beauty and life today

our glorious oceans and beautiful seas

snow covered mountains

rivers and valleys

rainforests and jungles

full of exotic species

desserts and dunes full of mystery

heavenly wonders

high in the sky

as planetary stars light

up the night

the sun glows each beautiful day

life evolves in its wonderful display

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Sweet delight of life each day

magical moments and beautiful ways

sun dances across the sky

birds sing and fly by

fish swim and dive in the sea

dogs bark playing merrily

people go about there day

working talking

having there say

life is wonderful in every way

God created our world today

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THE LORD IS MY MAKER   Leave a comment

The lord is my maker

life he gave me

our spiritual leader

so heavenly

a moment in time

a beautiful dream

a historical masterpiece

of pure beauty

sat in heavens watching over me

my lord is my saviour

my god almighty


You give me hope

you gave life to me


you gave me wisdom and eyes that I may see

you gave me a voice so I could speak


you gave me ears that I may hear

and voice to praise you my lord everyday


you gave us your one and only

son so that we may see

your wonderful miracles

and we praise thee


who died on the cross

to save us from our sins

he rose once again

to sit high in heavens next to thee

he is our lord and we bless thee


Light is day

darkness gone faded away

life continues in many ways


lord gave us light he gave us day

lord giveth life

lord taketh it away


heavens high above

hell reigns deep below


the lord listens to us

he listens each day

the lord gives us grace and mercy


we were made in his likeness

he died to save us from our sins

we worship and adore him

and praise the king of kings


we sing to our lord

we praise him

we worship at church

we sing hymns


we bow our heads and ask each day

dear lord come into our lifes and listen to our prayers


resist the devils temptation

as we try not to sin

ask our lords forgiveness

and praise praise him.

I see your wisdom   Leave a comment

I see your wisdom

your light your energhy


I read your verses

you gave me belief


I read your parables

and hear of your miracles

back in history


when life was different

from world we now see


you are my lord my maker

you died to free me from my sins


to grow and live in your likeness

our lord almighty


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Youre never alone

alone out there


our lord is with us each day

and spirits that have passed over

are with us too


watching over us guiding us in everyway

through our life and journey to

in our thoughts our wisdom our hope our prayer

helping us to help others out there


making peoples dreams come true

a wish is a thought a prayer

some granted too


we are never alone

someones always with us

we cant always see them


but occaisionally

you can feel the presence too

in a whisper in a dream

wind blowing through your hair

a tingling down the spine

someone is always there


watching over watching you and me

understanding how you feel

listening to you

on your journey


until the time

when you do meet

when the time comes

for you to leave

when your journey ends  one day

and life is over as we know it to

our spirital life will continue

in a heavenly way


it will be diferent then

not as we are today

a spiritual enlightenment of

our beautiful lords way


Riding high in the heavenly skies

watching over us each day

angels listen help

people out there today


whilst holy spirit passes on your prayer

to our great lord high up in the heavens

the master of our live and universe every where

hears your wish

and in time will help you


you have to have belief in your self

and smile for others each day

open up your heart

listen to others and there needs

a little kindness goes along way


our lord listens and watches

and help us too

in his miraculous ways

and through our thoughts and prayers too


angels watch over us

the lord listens

the holy spirit is within us each day

as we live our lives

in gods great kingdom

on earth he created each day

OUR LORD IS THE MIGHTY ONE   Leave a comment

Our Lord is the mighty one

he sees and hears everything

in this world today


his voice is mightier

than terrorists


and will punish them in his own way

keep faith in Our Lord

Christians jews and others affected by war and terroism today

let our Lord god hear your voice and let him hear your prayers


amen dear lord amen

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The old year has passed the new one begins today   Leave a comment

The old year has passed away

the new one begins today

yesterdays memorys are old

and new ones on the way

another year has begun

the old year has passed away

god gave us a puprose

and gave his son to save us

so we may live life each day

in a beautiful world he created

we are pawns in his game of chess

untill checkmate when life ends one day

the devil creates unrest temptations

and causes us chaos with his wicked games

if follow the lord and follow in his ways

we can get through with belief and a little help

and prayer along the way

that gives the world hope

and his return of our lords jesus christ one day

after great wars famine pestilence as the horsemen ride out

in our world today as evil spreads and devil rises once again

signs are around us he is coming too

but after a great war with all countries too

fires from the heavens

will land everywhere

no one will escape from this

no one will know the day

another new year another new day

in this world god created in six beautiful days

I pray he will listen and help us today

to bring about peace and understanding

in this world

this new years day

Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.


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