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Our lords vision off hope the perfect place the world he created the human race   Leave a comment

The vision of hope in this world of despair

tangled moments of depravity,

suffering and greed with out care



a world which is suffering

where others are looking for a dream

at the cost of the poor

if seems so unreal



a time which we have forgotten prosperity

when there was hope

for you and for me



a time off invention and great marvels too

a moment of magic  and now look at the truth



a time when we had jobs and homes and families

holidays were common place

and peace and tranquility



then came a moment when hope faded away

where greed became the word and money ruled the day



a moment of madness once it set in

no turning back

wheels of poverty are in


where once we all had reason

to be happy and  enjoy life

now we have a reason to watch

every moment we see



is this end  of life as we know

with all this hardship and poverty

caused by money lies governmental deceit and  greed



where huge parts of the world are starving each day

and famine and shortage of water which has since come

as rains have drifted faraway



where war and conflict is common place

with no regard  for people religions

or morals we are becoming a disgrace



where personal dignity long has disappeared

because the thought of being rich

newspapers and leaders spread rumours and fear



the time of hope is now all to clear

where once we were civilised

and respected those dear



we now have to fight for survival

among many rich and greedy people

who aren’t bothered and don’t care

who close their doors at night

and laugh at the rest of us in the world out their



whilst hungary the poor the homeless

are left to struggle and fear

for theirs lives their children

in floods of many tears


what has become of this world

our lords vision of hope  the perfect place

the world he created the human race


To all lonely people who lost love and given up hope in this world today i have these words to say   6 comments

When deepest feelings fall apart

we show our feelings from within our heart



we open our heart and let our emotions unwind

like a never-ending ball of off rolled up  twine



untill the real finally comes to and end

then we forget and try to make amends



untill the darkness has finally passed away

feelings we thought we would never say

are deeply buried in the  past hidden away



as clouds move past and darkness clears

sadness is lost and our tears



sun is shining and spreading it ways

smiles returning with happy days



moments we thought would never end

and future rises out of dust

and a miracle of new happiness



so don’t give up and fade away

just remember there’s always the hope

and brown new day

to melt away the sadness

and make you smile

and be happy again


like the rainbow which comes

after the clouds of tears

theres a future for you

just be patient it will appear.

Words flow people breath gods will and humanity   Leave a comment

Words flow people breath

waves rush people see

poems rhyme people speak

life flows humanity grows


people die humans cry

crops fail people despair

lives lost do we care


people starve while we grow

taps turned on rivers flow


sun burns moon glows

tides turn world moves


cycle of life does it improve

as rich get richer and poor despair


jobs disappear does recession care

people are homeless begging on streets


lights switch goes out darkness creeps in

grids go down the world gets cold and lonely


earth shakes floods don’t care

rivers destroy towns and devastation everywhere


wars go on spreading death everywhere

pestilence runs riot disease  hunger and fear


the world is running out of time

and life is at the mercy of gods will

and natures ferocity as powers beyond

take control of life and humanity.



Farmland  in the wilderness

barren and so bear

famine has struck

as no water left anywhere

you travel starving

barefoot too

bone showing

as you suffer from desperation

and hunger too

no glimmer of hope

starvation motivates you

as sun burns down

death awaits you

as your search goes on

to no avail

cattle have died and crops gone too

your hope of survival

is minimal too.


The tanks are rolling and shooting people too

how much longer can world sit by idly and watch

the innocent Syrian people suffer like this still

its time for turkey, egypt iran ,Israel,Lebanon

to get around the tables and sit and talk too

discuss a resolution and way to end this suicidal mission

of Syrian leader and bring about peace too

before this becomes war

and muslims and arabs rise up and all end up fighting

one another and this spreads out of control too

these people desperately need our help

and very soon too

as this man is out off control

and civil war will be there soon.


where we come from in life isn’t quite clear

where we are going we may well fear

life is moving fast and has gone into topgear

destruction is around and famine too

we need to look fast and work things out too

nothing is forever in destiny

we have to make the most

and preserve society

or its curtains for us

on this planet too

a life which was thriving

now decaying and dying too

through lack of water

and famine too.


We think of others but do we think of you
the poor famished and suffering to
travelling miles without water searching for crust crum a mea morsel to eat
as the sun burns down and all around is death decay and starvation to

No rains have come for a years to you
as cattle have long gone and passed away as rivers and watering holes and dried up and suffered the same decay

Is there or will there be much hope for you
and will it spread across the rest of african continent too
the famine and drought which has come and haunted you.

Life is cruel and fate has been to you
for centuries you have lived a simple life with its harsh realities too

But even you with all your traditional ways
cant cope or survive what nature has sent you these days

may god listen to your prayers and bring hope to you to
with rain water and food so you can live your lives again
and survive too.


Please sir a penny for a cup of tea.
I don’t ask for much as i go on one knee,
its bit cold out here and very lonely you see.

see I didn’t ask for this it was misfortune you see.
I lost everything and had to beg you see.
I once was proud and had a job to.
but now I’m homeless and could do with shelter too.

the world is my stage and i do care to
I live here and there and travel a bit too.
if I’m lucky i get meal or a morsel or two,
if not I just make do.

well I think of all of you going home each day,
spare a thought when you pass my way.

I don’t ask for much just little politeness will do,
and maybe a copper or two.

As I sit here with my life long possessions
they are but a few.

people once cared and I did to,
but things changed ,and now I’m here and make do.

I don’t complain just get upset as I watch all of you,
in your flash cars, running your businesses and wearing a smart suit too.

maybe one day your stop and say hello how are you .
I can but hope as you walk by and ignore me and be rude to.

make the most of your life as it could happen to you.
then you may think differently and wonder why
you ignored a homeless person too.

we are not any different we are just like you .
some of us had family and some of us were abused to.
some us got depressed, and couldn’t cope with life-like you.
so as we lost control we went down hill too.

we don’t ask for much but smile would be nice too,
and maybe roof over our heads and warm meal too.

so remember this each day when you go home to wife and food
some of us would like happiness and home to live in too.
Until then we have a door way ,or cardboard box if were lucky too.

We maybe the homeless but we are only human too
Spare a thought and remember us to.

Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.


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