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It started of as such a normal day

newyorkers went out to work and play

and do what they do each day

but from afar something bad was starting to grow

men with no feelings or moral were at play

for pure evil they had planned this day

a awful deed was on its way

on nine eleven it became reality

as planes flew into destiny

twin towers and areas of usa

had a visit from something evil this day

so many lives and family destroyed

and the memories will never fade away

and we will never forget what happened this day

as so many brave people tried to help and set about the rescue

all those innocent people trapped in burning twin towers too

god has something special for you

where no one will ever again be able to harm you

as the devil come to collect those evil few

we wont forget what evil deed you did do

your fate is sealed and you will burn in hell too

as your families have to live

and suffer the consequences for what you planned and did that day

you brought shame and embarrassment

to your fellow country men too

now your gone with allahs wrath on you

as surely will punish you.

A NATURAL BORN POET   Leave a comment

Your poetic charm is so pleasing to read

as a young person trying to write poetry

you are very gifted indeed

your words are varied and many rhyme too

you give inspiration to others

and help me to write some of my poetry

this is your gift and a special one it is

flowing with true meaning

and so beautiful to words that are true too

and rhyme with reason

your poems will grow as people get to know

and your gain confidence too

as you grow up

you will be famous too

this poem is dedicated to a young person on here

whose poetry is unique

and will inspire many others

to write when then read her gift

as this young woman is a natural born poet

with a very special gift.

visit mikaella


As the flag lowers for the last time today

in Royal Wooten Basset as repatriation move away

stand proud and stand tall we all thankyou

for your dedication your pride

in what you do

your kindness your loyalty

has shone right through

to families of the dead servicemen and women

who came home to you

come rain come shine

you stood there and lined there route

and showed you cared

whilst stood to attention

you saluted too

those young people in honour

of them

who had served us brits people too

with pride our fallen

have done their day

so bravely they gave there lives

with great courage too

and now stand proud in heaven

as heroes too

Royal Wooten Basset they would thank you

you will never be forgotten by their families or rest of britain too

you did with pride what we should all do

show respect to our fallen heroes and remember them too


Whisper your sweet words and make my day

show me your love and kiss me today

softly caress me and bring me lots of passion too

set my heart on fire and make my dreams come true

give me your heart i wear it on my sleeve

and if your lucky i will go down on one knee

if you’re not we will have to make do

with soft passionate lovemaking

untill the time is  right for you

wrapped up in your arms so close to you

i can dream of you is it not true

so close by

sharing life with me

kissing me so soft and tenderly

entwining our bodies so beautifully

was life made in heaven for you and me

untill valentines day comes again to me

i will have to just wait and see

if your heart is ready to join me

in love and holy matrimony.


This past week has become the end of something special not often seen

where small group of people got together

to remember the brave and the few

who gave there lives for our country

serving us too

they started as small group of friends

all from the Royal british legion

who came together to mark their respect and pay tribute

to our brave servicemen men and women

as they flew into RAF Lyneham

on their way home too

they passed through the wonderful town

of Wooten basset

where as their hearses gathered

and got ready for their final journey

home where there bodies

will rest and be remembered too

these wonderful people

of Wooten basset took time out of their day

to line the streets in numbers

with the family’s of the dead servicemen and women

as they passed their way

they stood to attention and saluted them

with pride they showed us something

special as their numbers grew

untill they became hundreds and drew in the media too

the local pub opened its doors to families of dead men and women

and made them welcome too

to the people of Wooten basset

are thanks goes out too you

hold your heads up with pride

you are truly kind

and very special people too

so this is from an ex serviceman

with great respect i pay tribute to you.


You gave me water to quench my thirst

and food to feed me untill i burst

feet to walk and’ eyes to see

the beauty of life which is set before me

stars to gaze romance and love too

laughter to make smile

and dreams which come true

your heavenly wonders will never stop

that why we are grateful

to exist


My heart beats so much each day

all the time i am able to stay

untill it stops and i drift away

whilst i have the pleasure to grow

and see what life has to show

ill watch the beauty set out before me

sun rises sun sets

and the making of history

under moonlit walks

owls i will see

whilst moon glows

and stars sparkle high above me

i will live and grow

with destiny

then when fate knocks

on my door and hands me the key

to what ever waits in heaven for me

birds fly gently on the breeze   2 comments

Birds fly gently on the breeze

whilst people go about their daily needs

boats sail gently across the seas

sun occasionally peeps through

as clouds come in and hide it from view

flowers blossom

leaves rustle

children play

as people go about their day

time is important for a few

but to others feels like it stood still

as horses roam across the hills

squirrels run and leap across the trees

as birds fly gently on the breeze.


Holiday time over back to work to-day

gone are lay ins and the time to play

lazy afternoons writing poems

and reading books through

time to face reality

and hard work too

looking after people

who have special needs

making there lives better

can be fun

and sometimes stressful indeed

but its a job and people are special too

whatever their disability

they deserve a life too

with reasonable care

and dignity and respect too

as they are human

as we are too.


Please don’t make me do it

the rules say

only gentle exercise will do

half hour to-day

as we set off

on our walk today

nice and easy i do say

laughing as I plan my wicked way

nice and slow down the road

as we turn the corner

I increase the speed

as i hear you plead and plead

not to not to fast

I hear you go

but to no avail

fell on deaf ears

as sweat pours and tears

this is the start my dear

a new beginnings has started to-day

of with calories and few pounds too

the exercise and fitness has started

the beginning of a brown knew you

as your muscles pull and strain

no progress with out no pain

as diet kicks in weight come s of you

you will feel better in time too

as i smile so jokingly at you

round the next bend we speed up too

come on now you can do it

and up on the bench

sit ups you must do

off we go keep up i say

work them muscles

its exercise day

you will be puffing and panting

by the end of the day

not far know its hard part for you

as fast as you can now its good for you

as i hear you puff and pant and wheeze

as you struggle over the bridge

alongside me

its down hill now

you must keep going to

you have  done an hour and

i am proud of you

for what you achieved today

dedicated to someone special  for having a go

Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.


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