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The tanks are rolling and shooting people too

how much longer can world sit by idly and watch

the innocent Syrian people suffer like this still

its time for turkey, egypt iran ,Israel,Lebanon

to get around the tables and sit and talk too

discuss a resolution and way to end this suicidal mission

of Syrian leader and bring about peace too

before this becomes war

and muslims and arabs rise up and all end up fighting

one another and this spreads out of control too

these people desperately need our help

and very soon too

as this man is out off control

and civil war will be there soon.

The fires burn and people flee to as anarchy has this week visited a town near you   Leave a comment

My heart is saddened and i am very upset and angry too

at what is happening on the streets today

innocent people frightened and very scared too

fleeing their homes looking for safety

as people run riot and act with violence too

thieving robbing and mugging and setting fires too

innocent people’s homes businesses without a care

what are they thinking of and where is this going too

injuring police and members of public too

this is britain we are kind and decent too

do we deserve this we are supposed to be human beings

where are the parents and do they care too

about what their children are doing and what they are up to

its shame that discipline is gone at home

and this is what we are left to see

where basic morals have gone

as this week face reality.

time to face the truth as discipline starts at home

and basic parenting too

then we will have law and order restored

and respect with peace and calm on our streets again too.

this is dedicated to all those innocent people who have suffered because of the riots in london you’re in my thoughts.


I sometimes wonder is life worth it these days
when all around you have there say

and can’t be nice and just slander you
with lies and deceitfulness too

What ever happened to the genuine people
have they all gone and run away
ashamed to be  part of the world we live into day

Are we such awful people that we have to go through this
as people smile but really hate you
when your back is turned they stick the knives in you

Is your life so perfect too
that you treat others like this
and permanently lie all the time
and spread false rumours to

Are you so high and mighty
that the lord has chosen you
to criticise and cause others so much misery

when you’re so lazy and do nothing
and get paid to much for so little that you do

Management of today
well this is how I feel too
one day I hope you get treated this way too.

And made to fall like a bit of discarded rubbish too.
i hope one day you will read this too
when you do you will know its you

good luck good riddance
one day they might reprogrammed
and fix your faults too.
I can dream cant I
It will be a miracle to cure a problem like you.


Storms come ,rains pour too

rivers rise, and flood spread too.

Homes are demolished

people suffer in anguish and loss.

Earth rocks and shakes us too

plates move and rearrange us .

Towns disappear into the cracks

ice melts the end is due .

Normality has gone

we must be quick, think things, through.

Time isn’t going to wait

its against us and runs out soon.

land turns to desert

famines come and spread,

harvests ruined and fail.

Pestilence runs riot

people starve and die too.

lives cant carry on with overpopulation

and greed too.

Man destroying everything in his way

after fortune and gain ,

not caring in any way.

As seas and rivers rise,

ice melts temperature rises

and land slips away,

gone forever into depths.

What will become us humans

was this how it was mean to be.

Is this really us .

Or someone with powers to be above us

turning us this way.

Do we have a heart or care

or is this fate and reality.

What will we say

when this once lovely planet falls apart

dies and crumbles away.

into the heavens it disappears ,

where it goes no ones knows .

Through black holes and many tears

as lights go out

and we go cold.

Once something that what so beautiful

and so amazing ,

destroyed by man forever.

Gone forever in and instant

as times moves on and clears us away.

To start its process,

of producing life on another planet

as we become history today.

Gone and locked away,

in the vaults of time.

Forever banished

key to life thrown away.

As we have disgraced ourselves

and our makers too.

Remember this planet ,

remember this too,

if you want to stay ,

living on it and in the future to.

respect it ,

and treat it with

respect too.

As it is more powerful

and can unleash terrible ferocity too.


We are meant to love one another not to hurt or abuse

a partner is not a punchbag to lay into each day

but there to be loved and cared for to

give affectionate hug and hold on to

to listen to their problems and give support through life too

not be rude and abuse hurt and punch and batter too

if you must do that go to a gym

put gloves on then lay in.

when you have finished contemplate your actions through

what you have done to your partner and get help too

seek advice and counselling

anger management is the place to begin

the person you left crying and bruised

is supposed to be person you love  and share happiness with

so change you attitude and be kind too

show her you love her and make amends too your mistakes

if not go on your way and don’t ever have another relationship

as you don’t deserve it today

as people like you

have no purpose in life

but to be put in prison

and keys thrown away

and left to rot

and decay.

I ONCE WAS MARRIED   Leave a comment

I once was married a nightmare which came true
I thought it was love in then fell through
I fell for a smile and kiss to
I then found hatred and pure lies to

I thought it was love brought to me
From cupids arrow and meant to be destiny

I fell for the charms and the eyes to.

Then i saw evil all the way through.
what can be purer than religion
or truth not this woman ,
she was foul proof.

a chip on her shoulder
and tongue like a whip to
as subtle as a snake
she would his and spit
and say malicious things to.

Her crime to humanity
was loneliness to.

she wanted love
but really money, through and through.

Beware of the eyes they may hypnotize you,
beware of charm and charisma to,
beware of the promise ,
and the words I love you,
unless she’s genuine
she’s not for you.

Don’t judge by the character
or the book cover to.
Take time read the pages
all the way through.

If she’s a woman she will bear her all to.
There wont be any lies, or deceitfulness to
she will be genuine ,
and will smile to,
she will make you,
and let you cry on her shoulder to.
she will let you near,
maybe give you child to.
she may love and honour
worship and adore you.

I once was married

but now iam free.

Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.


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