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Hello  this is a little about myself I am Kevin from Hampshire in south of England now  iam going under the name  of the pomepeypoet as my third new blog is called on here as great city of portsmouth is where iam from after many years of being on my own and using dating sites ,whilst on a particular site which had forums i found i could express my feelings and thoughts and emotions through words and poetry .This is what has inspired me to start writing recently on this blog after encouragement from others who have enjoyed reading things i have written in the past on the dating site I used to be part of.

At great age of almost 53 and after many years of wondering why I couldnt achieve even the basics of education ive finally got the answer after a very kind councilor spent a great many hours listening to me and said I think your aspergers  and reffered me it now turns out i am autistic .This has changed my out look on life as I spent 18 years working with these people and didnt realise I was the same. So now comes the turning point in my life and chance to finally get the help I needed since I was very small.

After living abroad as child in far east and serving in british forces and trying my hand in catering for a while I now work with special needs this ended after 18 years . Due to getting cancer in both my kidneys in march 2014 and losing both of my kidneys now a dialysis patient..hobbies well I like to read sometimes .play strategy board games and sometimes a little poker to .used to enjoy gardening and music of various tastes ,films and a good documentary and wildlife and walking all appeal to me along with cooking a nice meal .

I feel a bit privileged to for having the chance to meet some very special people in my life time and hearing there stories and heroics .so to those special people who have given there lives to give us freedom we owe a great deal so I spare a thought and hope you will to for those servicemen from our different forces giving there lives and to keep us safe .help for heroes is very special  cause  i personally know all the hard work which the base headley court in surrey provides for injured service and sometimes civilians to making limbs and helping to recovery i served there many years ago.and those funny men in the bye planes the ROYAL FLYING CORP who were the start of the royal air force met them in there later years of life god bless them and may they rest in peace. well that’s a little about me a late 40s male from Hampshire who enjoys writing a few words to maybe bring others a little pleasure and enjoyment too.

Hello from Kevin I apologise for the way my blog is due to lack writing skills caused by me having either dyslexia or dispraxia, my blog is now organised and all the poems are under the tags if you click the RSS FEED IN THE TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER  you will find all my poems and poetry under different headings also another way to find all my poems is to go onto my about page look at the bottom of the calendar and there is an arrow at the side of the month if you click on the arrow you can go write back to each month since i started in february and that will show you each poem written on that particular month hope this helps every one enjoy it.

.well april has been my busy month writing poems and I have received a lot of lovely comments thanks they are appreciated and I will reply to them.it was always an ambition to get my poetry on a site so people could have pleasure of reading and enjoying it i have had it suggested to me to publish a book but I don’t think that would ever be possible not having basic english skills so the other part of my ambition wont ever have the chance of being fulfilled despite people saying I should.

well since starting this in late february 2011 I hope I a have achieved something writing this and maybe cheered some people up and hopefully helped some aswell with my words.

So  I hope you all enjoy my poetry and tell your friends too if you like it and if you wish to say hello or pass a comment I do reply .As its people like your selves writing which has helped inspire some of my poems on here others have come from personal experiences and my thoughts and feelings on life and the world today . thanks from Kevin.

and many thanks to everyone who has subscribed to my blog I hope you enjoy it this gives me a great deal of pleasure to know people are interested in what I write and if it helps others in life to well that can’t be a bad thing either thankyou all very much for showing an interest.

well on august the 16th I finally got to my one hundredth piece of poetry on this blog I never thought I would get this far and this is all down to encouragement and nice words from people on here thankyou and I shall keep writing.

well its now December 29 th and poem number 200 has arrived. And 2012 is looking very special with Karen and myself getting married so this ended suddenly 9 months later.

4valentines4words4poetryforyou.com will be changing to 4valentines4words4poetryforyou.me  but for the moment I have new blog on here called http://www.myheartsingspoetry.wordpress.com hope you all continue to enjoy my poems and poetry.

And thanks to Teri0792 who recommended me for candlelit award for poem and to all those who have put me up for the versatile bloggers award its very kind of you all thankyou  just can’t get it on my computer but its appreciated.

All poetry on this blog is my own copyrighted by Kevin Newman

If you have enjoyed reading my poetry why not have a look at more of me



these site s are all written by me I hope I inspire more budding poets to write some poetry.

please dont copy any of my material as its all my own work and verys special to me if you do want to ask me and i will consider your request if its for a special reason as i like to help others.

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  1. Thank you for reading my blog. I took a quick peek at yours … very interesting. I promise to return and read more. I have a big order of jewelry to make for a little girl’s birthday party on Saturday and has to be finished today. YAY.
    Good to be busy. Thank you for your kind words. Have a great day.

  2. my pleasure dont work to hard have fun .

  3. Well done Kevin, Like to read your blog. Will come back and Yes, thanx for visiting my little blog…


  4. Lovely poems, Kevin, thank you. And thank you for your comment!

  5. Really nice poems, keep up the good work! by the way thanx visiting my blog too..

  6. Happy Easter Kevin! Enjoyed reading your poetry today- keep it up and don’t think about anyone else and what they think! We all have to have something we do just for us. And, thank you again for the supportive blog comment! – nicole

  7. Hi Kevin,

    I love your poetry and enjoy taking the time to read it. I just wish I had more time 🙂 Your words are very inspiring and uplifting. I received your comment and will email you soon.

    Take care,


  8. A lovely collection Kevin. Well done. Especially for getting all your personal poems in one place. I’m very good at collating other people’s poetry, but my own poems are still hiding in journals.

    I know your poems and life story will touch many readers. Don’t worry about the english. Its a beautiful expression of you.

    Andrew Newman
    AKA PoemCatcher

    • thanyou very much for viewing my blog your opion is very much appreciated and iam glad you enjoyed the blog i would sincerely appreciate your thoughts either by email or a comment as to whether you think there worth trying to get into a book some might need improving theres over 50 poems here but i know your very busy person but from your blog i also know your genuine about what you do. thanks again for your comment.

  9. Good job, Kevin. Don’t worry about English not being your first language. Your heart clearly shows in what you write and that is what is important. Thanks for visiting my blog, too. Hugs, pat

    • hello pat thnaks for your nice comment we have small misunderstanding english grammar is my problem due to dislexia or dispraxiia iam english born and bread and i apreciate you looking at my blog.keep coming back and enjoy.

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog, and your friendly care Kevin. For me your English is very well 🙂

  11. Well, thank you for the lovely intro and now I know who Kevin is! 🙂 Your visit to my site and kind words are much appreciated, Kevin.

  12. Hello Kevin thank you for visiting my site. I am new here I have only been on wordpress a couple of months. I am so pleased to get the chance to meet another poet or word-smith on here. It is so good that I now have somewhere new to relate to. I have only just been able to check your site out very quickly this morning, as I have to go out today but I am really taken with it and will take time to visit again soon. It is wonderful that we can all find different mediums to express ourselves , like you I have recently discovered that I can express myself in poetry , if that is what I write. Your poem/ elegy for the Red Arrows pilot is beautiful. Also as Jamie above says you also wrote a wonderful About. So keep well, keep happy and power to your pen! willow

    • my thankyou very much for taking the time to write such a lovely comment which is most appreciated your welcome to subscribe or come back and view my poems anytime and i wish you well on here i dont know your name but come and say hello anytime. from kevin take care have a lovely day.

  13. Many thanks for visiting my page Kevin, and above all for the most encouraging comment you’ve left about my poetry. I appreciate it a lot 🙂
    Nice to meet you and your beautiful poems.
    Wishing you a wonderful evening

  14. Hello again, Kevin I answer to willow . As I said I am new to here and still a little nervous so I hope willow will suffice and you will not think me rude. Please feel free to visit my site to. Thanks for your encouragement.willow *_*

  15. Lovely blog, Kevin. Your poems have so much truth and love in them. Thank you for sharing them with us. Hugs, pat

    • thankyou pat for your really sweet and lovely comments and apreciation of my poems its really kind of you incase you ever get bored and fancy coming back to look again there just over hundred here so you might find something to lighten the mood or cheer you up if youre haveing a bad day anytime. take care from kevin.

  16. just came by to say hello i lived in tidworth in hampshire long time ago now but a lovely place il be back to read more xxjen

    • Hello jenny nice of you to say hello i know tidworth aswell viisted the base years ago.nice to hear from someone who is from england on here .come back and read the poems anytime you like theres plenty there.and say hello anytime.from kevin take care.

  17. Hello Kevin..found your blog when you posted a comment on someone else’s ..if that made sense and so pleased I did..you have a lovely soft narrative and beautiful sentiment to your writing and I look forward to reading more,.just about to follow your pages..Eliza Keating.x

    • iam really pleased you have come to view and enjoy my poems as a established poet your self your comment is most appreciated to a beginner like me.i will visit your site and have a read myself in the coming days thanks so much for visiting.

  18. Hello Kevin, this blog is very interesting and worth reading. Good to know you and look forward to more poems from you.

  19. Hi Kevin…Nice blog, nice words, nice thoughts….keep up the good work, and thank you for visiting my blog. I truly appreciate that. Will keep coming back.

  20. Thanks for being there Kevin, you are a great role model. Keep up the good work. David

  21. thank you, looking forward to reading more poems by you!

    • Hello Heather thankyou for your lovely comment and for subscribing to my blog i hope your enjoy what you read and tell your friends others come and have a look too the more the merrier nice to hear from you your poetry is lovely i will be visitng your blog again soon have a nice day from kevin.

  22. Kevin,

    I have read and enjoyed your poems. I too use my writing to express what is on my mind. Write on my cyber-friend.


  23. Thank you, Kevin, for commenting on my poem “Bosses.” I am glad you enjoyed it. I will be reading some of your work very soon.

    Robert William Thomas
    Drifter News (http://drifternews.wordpress.com/)

  24. Hey Kevin,

    have nominated you for The Versatile Award. Pls check out my blog for more info

  25. this was my 1st visit to your blog..and i am already loving it.. i think i’ll stick to it..
    i am following you blog now..!! 🙂

  26. Hi Kevin, thank you for visiting my blog. I couldn’t help but notice that a book is going to be part of a future project. I have a post that I believe will assist in getting you closer to your goal. Here it is:

    May you be blessed in all your efforts.

  27. Congratulations on the nomination for the Candle Lighter award! Blessings.

  28. Hey Kevin I am sorry for re-blogging one of your writ ups without your permission… but I deleted that blog weeks ago.. I am sincerely sorry.. 😦

  29. Thank you. You are a great poet. Keep up the writing. Writing is good for the soul.

  30. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking “The Fountain”! Keep up the poetry!

  31. You are most welcome Kevin. One small, insignificant detail, you put terri0792 and it’s 0729 (my birthday) lol! no biggie though. smiles, Terri

  32. Wow, sir, you’ve written a lot of poetry ^_^ I salute thee! 😀 heehee
    I never knew too that I could write poems until I try it, 😀 and the positive feedbacks from the wordpress community is helping me to grow more. Reading the works of the others has also made me to progress, thanks for the likes and the comments! Will be checking out yours ^_^ Congratulations on getting married! ❤

    • Thankyou its my second time this time i know it for all the right reasons and not a big mistake like the last one and this time its a church wedding july.
      heres my advice to help you when you get some words come into your head grab some paper and write them down my first blog is just coming up for a year old so i have been writing poetry very long either we all have to start somewhere when you have feeling or thought or couple words rhyme write it down and then you come back to it see what else come into your head thats how i started this time last year my names kevin . i write hoping my words might help others and maybe inspire them to and i write from the hear and let my feelings flow into my words Therese i did used to use it when i was on a dating site to express my feelings when try to find a lady to go out with me. come back any time and have read all my new poems are on myheartsingspoetry on wordpress old blog still running but this years are on here.take care Therese have a look on Terrie0729 her blog is fantastic she started writing same time as me she is a inpiration on her own and lovely lady she wrote a piece dedicated to karen and myself which will be read out at our wedding.

  33. Well done on a very interesting blog, Kevin, keep up the poetry and the sharing with others. I did think you were spam at first when I saw the 4 valentines4words… but am glad that I persevered and found you. Thanks for stopping by on my blog too! Good luck with all your writing!

  34. Hey Kevin,
    You Left me a few wonderful comments on my poetry. Must say I have been enjoying yours very much, Will follow and look forward to seeing more posts, Josh x

    • no problem joshua glad you enjoyed the poems i only started writing february 2011 properly online and iam pleased to have gained quite a following my purpose was to make others happy and help through my poetry you have quite a gift joshua with your writing keep it up .

  35. Thank you so much for stopping by and writing those beautiful encouraging words regarding my mother. Your sweet words made me cry. Will always remember this for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank you and thank you. All the best to you, Jenny

  36. Hello Kevin I nominated you for the Commenter Award. Details here: http://wp.me/p1ZC80-Xf.

    • Hello dear friend i am great ful to your self your most kind iam just not qualifed with computers to use these awards i cant cut copy paste or drag things or upload photos to blogs its all beyond me ive been reccommended quite a few time s for these lovely awards but cant afford to pay a computer person to come and get them on a computer at 40 pounds a hour otherwise i would love to thankyou anyway appreciated

  37. Hello Kevin,
    Thanks a lot for the like on my post, ‘Those Birds’:)

  38. I enjoy your poetry! Thanks for reading my blog!

  39. Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy the poetry I read on yours.

  40. 🙂 It’s nice to meet you. I’m from Argentina. Portsmouth seems to be a nice place.

  41. Hello Kevin! You have a wonderful blog, and I look forward to reading more!

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