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I sat and suffered many years ago

what many others did to me

the cruelness of bullying

not often scene


not classed as a crime

to young in there day


there mischeieve the cruelty

there weapons of there game


while they played there games

and laughed at me

no tears no shame no dignity


I wonder how the would have felt

if the ball was on my feet


would they have run of scared of me

would I have been the bully


who made there lives a misery

would they have cowered crying scared of me

and run  off and told there mummy and daddy


or would they have stood there

and taken the name calling and pain


the thumps that were given to me

through school life each day


I bet they wouldnt do it if they saw me today

I wouldnt turn the other cheek and run away


child hood victim of bullying

beacuse of disfigured face

I had in those days

until it was operated on life changed one day.


I no longer look like bugs bunny.


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Do as I do

follow if you dare


ask if you want to

speak if you dare


what we have in life is beautiful

and shouldnt be shared


love is something special

special to those who care


others shouldnt interfere

in things not there’s


when your a couple

you dont have affairs


thruth and trust and honesty

we love and share


if you want happiness

in life treat your partner with care

he or she will love you always

dont risk an affair.


YOU ARE TO ME WHAT I AM TO YOU   Leave a comment

You are to me

what I am to you


you are my dream

my love too


you never want

you never care


as long as our love is always there

what  we have in life  we always share


we keep it special

with loyalty, love and care


a beautiful gift

we both share .

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sabbath is day to worship day to prayer

designited by the church

to go nowhere


to read and study the bible through and through

to worship our lord and obey him too


silenty we sit and prayer

reading his meaningful works

which nothing can compare


the history of life

his words are wisdom

he wants us to prayer


and follow in his footsteps

and be good each day


and earn our way into paradise

if we are good one day


our lord our maker

no one compares.

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SLEEPLESS NIGHTS   Leave a comment

sleepless nights and suffering lots of pain

five months after a fall still in pain


now my arms go numb each night and in the day

how much more am I supposed to take

another operation on the way


a band around the vistualla

more fun and games for me

my life line is working to well you see


which is taking the blood away

so my fingers and arm go to sleep each day

and ache all night so painfully

and really drives me mad you see

so now a band has to go in to get the blood flowing properly


after a year of illness and fiinding cancer in both kidneys

losing them

and now being a dialysis patience remarkably


had a neckline they took it away

after making a vistuala in me


oh yes more surgery

to open it fix a band around it in me

they say it will get circulation back to normality

hope so as its disturbing me


along with blood pressure dropping each day

its no wonder I am old bald and grey

nothing simple comes my way

but I still manage to write each day


it hasnt stopped the flow of poetry

still writing as you see

here another with some truth about me


I am very lucky to still be alive you see

may lord be with all those that saved me

from death through cancer that was in me

and touching the liver

very dodgey


there were no real symptons in me

five years it was there so silently

growing growing inside of me .



I search deep inside your soul

but respect your dignity


the eyes the gate way before me

do I have the right key


I tap on the heart and ask to be seen

it beats a tune

of door bell ringing


slowly I give up

and go on my way


as your soul has left

and gone away


my heart will call

another day


love can wait

for destiny


its not time for wedding ring.

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I saw a sweet sunset

set before me


its hidden reds

the soul of its beauty


glowing like a heart

just before me


so beautiful

just like a dream


my heart beat

and sunset so sweet


slowly going away

day becoming night

darkness on its way


glowing so beautiful

in harmony.

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Wandering through darkness

in search of light of day


the eerieness of tranquility

whilst night creatures hunt there prey


dampness of mist

shrouds my way


tricks of the mind start to play

darkness of night

searching for day


is there a point

is there a way


a momentry glance

I am lost in foggy haze.

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Somethings glowing especially for me

glowing high above the tree


rising high in sky over there

its warmth makes me happy as I sit and stare


glowing glowing so brightly

the warmth of sun

encircles me


the warmth of the sun on a beautiful day

make you feel better

as it rises once once again.

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Life ticking slowly away over days months and years

the emotional story of fantasy play love and fears


the rollor coaster of life each day

the magical moment the words we say

the dreams the laughter on a sunny day

the snowball fights on chilly day


ice the snow the winter chill

laughter and fun we make to


the daft things we say and do

things we reget the things that haunt to

moments in life memorys to


things we would like to change

hindsight which is beautiful too

Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.


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