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Love is like a gaming arcade   Leave a comment

Life is like a gaming arcade

put your money in then play

gambling along the way


will she love will she stay

is she honest or does she play

heart strings pulled its another game


pull the lever here we go

another relationship another go


and how will it end no one will know

on a winning streak she will stay

or lose again she will walk away


let put the money in and have a play

love is a gamble not a game

we wont know until we play


once my father now a distant memory   4 comments

your gone from  my life a distant memory

once my father now in eternity


we never got on but i remember you

the clever things you could create

with a wood working tool


but alas it never came out in me

what went wrong in gene pool

they missed out on me


but if your watching and looking down on me

you will find my creativity

comes in writing poems and poetry and few songs and lyrics too

i don’t know what went wrong in our family do you



the princess and the toad   4 comments

I was once a ugly toad until you met me

you gave me a kiss and i changed instantly

and now i am prince no longer ugly

because your beauty and your kiss

 have healed me


i can now go  out dancing

and look pretty


if that’s not a miracle we had then better wait and see

 as doctors prescriptions have better

have a explanation ready


as i am no longer the ugly toad

as you have healed me


its amazing what a princess can do

mud pack and some cream

a quick transformation to a king

from a ugly old toad that was wilting.

The closing of the door finally   2 comments

Tomorrow is the end of the old and new day too

a fresh start in life i am away from you

no more sadness no more tears

no more rejection life will be clear


a new beginnings calls and a new life too

dark clouds will pass and sun shine through

my nine months of wasted marriage

wasted to you deceitful scheming lady

 one day judgment day will come will come to you


as i throw out the old and bring in the new

you treated me like rubbish but they wont recycle you

go back to sewer you came out of its best place for the three of you

i have a new life now and its with out you


happiness is coming it is coming my way

as i will close that door on the yesterdays

the lord is  guiding me guiding me through

the lord has something special for me

and its not you


he is guiding me and helping me too

with all my special friends they are here too


good bye tomorrow good riddance to you

the door is finally closing closing on you.

A homeless plea   3 comments

these people need our help they have given a lot for us iam ex RAF myself and have for a small period in my life lived in a homeless hostel.

Romeo and juliet   Leave a comment

Romeo romeo says where art though Juliet

as stone hits a window and he falls of the shed

as cats screams at night fall


a woman’s voice is heard to say

not that old line I’ve got a headache again


but Juliet Juliet it is only me

your lover your man the person of your dreams


as bucket of water is heard to fall

a woman’s voice is heard to call


sounds like cats choir practice are rehearsing  again

that will quiet and down the din

as he fell of shed into the bin


a woman’s voice is heard to say

are you okay my dear


sounds like dustmen will be coming today

the rubbish is full again


Juliet Juliet a mans voice is heard to call


oh not that old rubbish again a woman’s voice is heard to say

hang on don’t go away


i will give the mothering in-law a quick phone call

she might be desperate i am not today

 answering that cats choir practice call again


its time for environmental health

we have that noise pollution problem again

last the time romeo did sing


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Iam the pompey poet come sing with me   Leave a comment

I am the pompey poet come sing with me 

let us sing at sunset lets sing by the sea

and walk along the prom and admire its beauty

and gaze at solent and take in the scenery

while feeling the warmth of solent breeze

i am the pompeypoet come and join in with me

and lets sing at sunset and sing by the sea

and gaze at its beauty in southsea


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