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The awakening has come it’s all around you

the night of freedom spirits awake and get ready to taunt to you


dark creepy shadows  strange creeks and groans

tingling of the flesh spines all shivery

strange unearthly noises visions appear


ha ha ha you thought it was safe

you all got it wrong

Halloween is here and spirits will roam


dusting off their bones and polishing their skulls

spirits get ready for the graveyard ball


the nights of despair is upon you

he he chilly nights and creepy tunes


voices from the grave  apparitions appear

ghosts of the past nightmares so clear

you thought it was safe Halloween is here


creaking floor boards strange shadows

a tapping on the window

fears start to grow


we are here again its Halloween you know

keep one eye open tread carefully

we love haunting people we are dark spirits you see


the time has come for release from our hell

magical potions and a creepy spell


witches brew broom sticks appear

they fly through the night sky

their wickedness so clear


a pot frogs some toads  mix it up and boil like a stew

now to cast a spell

for Halloween and time to haunt you

tonight is Halloween and very creepy too

the awakening has come and Halloween is here

time for making spells and ghosts appear.


Sun kissed days romantic nights

drinks by sea gazing at the stars

long slow kisses walking arm in arm

wind blows and ruffles hairs

whilst out in the cool night air


moon shines people gaze

stars sparkle in misty haze

beauty of the night its mystical ways

hearts beat lovers gaze



owls taunt and haunt the lanes

foxes bark  for a vixen to play

after a romantic night and sun-kissed day

AUTUMNS BREEZE   2 comments

Autumn breeze waves rush ashore

white-topped ripples tumble and poor

oceans waves on our shores


darkened nights of stargazing

the beauty of the stars on show again


autumns colours ever-changing

rustic  colours of reds and browns


squirrels scurry to and fro

leaping endlessly from tree to tree

and gathering acorns buried beneath thee


stews casseroles and hotpots

are the meals of the day

to warm the cockles

and keeps the chills away


cosey nights in front of log fire

sipping a heady brew

of wine or ale and beer or two


chilly autumn days and dark cosey nights

see us through untill

winter comes with its frosty chill.


A MYSTERY OF THE MIND   16 comments

Distorted thoughts baffle and confuse

mindbending spells haunting you

gruesome discovery way out there

something from the past

a mystery or a death


Tales of the past mystery and intrigue

fascinating clues murder and mystery

creepy sounds a haunting glare

ghostly beings prowl and stare


Is this fiction fantasy or truth

whilst mind bending spells

scare and haunt you

or has Halloween come today


As ghostly goings on with spooky

theme too come  to a grave yard

and roam about you

whilst distorted thoughts baffle and confuse


I will let you ponder and think things through.


Misty mornings and frost tipped blades

white-topped grass slippery lanes

autumn chill running through the red filled veins


as cold air brushes the face

autumn mornings we have graced

shivers moments in autumns chill

wake us up it’s no frill


dark eery evenings add to the chill

Halloween beckons

free spirits roam

spooky goings on

as ghosts roam


guy Fawkes is coming

be aware too

bang flash sparkle

sky’s braced with colours

around you


nature runs and hibernates away

storing food to keep hunger at bay


trees rustle leaves depart

their journey floating

down in the park


autumn is here having its way

as plants die off and wilt away


birds migrate to warm climes too

far away from autumn chill


seas be come rough

no swimming today

summers has long passed away

DREAM OF A DREAM   6 comments

Dream of dream

let your heart grow

sing with joy

and watch your love grow


be kind and care

show tenderness too

be joined from the heart

let your dreams show through



dream of a dream

let your heart sing

joy of your love is about to begin



climb up the heights

fly with the breeze

be kind in your thoughts

and make love so sweet



dream of a dream

let your heart grow

love is the gift

and is special you know



when your heart is open

and your love shows

smiling so sweetly

your heart is on show

the beauty of a dream

dream of a dream


Whisper your love and dream if you dare

open up your heart

and show that you care



love me always

and I will  be there



show me compassion

and your love too

join me and my heart

and I will always love you


lustful nights and sinful days

love is a passion that never fades

joyous from the heart

sensuality and sin

love is forgiving pleasure

from feelings deep within


joy of the moment

in the orgasmic lair

the volcanic eruption

that sleeps in there


power of emotion

the tenderness too

the fiery moment

you came too


the tide of emotion

that swept through you

with sensuality and passion too

THE SYMPHONY OF LOVE   Leave a comment

Symphony of love did the orchestra play

harmonious tunes of love and passion  today

as we lay entwined in the moment

skin to skin

you played harmoniously

your favourite tunes

on my love organ

with my organ of love

you toyed and played

tunes of your delight

with rhythmic moves so sweetly

untill the chorus

climaxed in pure harmony

while the symphony of love

a pure joy to see

played their music so harmoniously

while we lay together so sensual

love lust and passion were the beats to-day

while the orchestra of love

fine tunes its harmonic symphony


Endless nights and sleepy days

missing life that everyone sees

working for others

for others needs

thoughts so simple and thoughts so bear

thoughts of life changing everywhere

dreams of hope

dreams of joy

times of plenty time to care

time to follow and times to share

time to reason a time of life

a time for more happiness and less strife

away from these endless sleepy days

bieng awake all night.

Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.


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