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Storms come ,rains pour too

rivers rise, and flood spread too.

Homes are demolished

people suffer in anguish and loss.

Earth rocks and shakes us too

plates move and rearrange us .

Towns disappear into the cracks

ice melts the end is due .

Normality has gone

we must be quick, think things, through.

Time isn’t going to wait

its against us and runs out soon.

land turns to desert

famines come and spread,

harvests ruined and fail.

Pestilence runs riot

people starve and die too.

lives cant carry on with overpopulation

and greed too.

Man destroying everything in his way

after fortune and gain ,

not caring in any way.

As seas and rivers rise,

ice melts temperature rises

and land slips away,

gone forever into depths.

What will become us humans

was this how it was mean to be.

Is this really us .

Or someone with powers to be above us

turning us this way.

Do we have a heart or care

or is this fate and reality.

What will we say

when this once lovely planet falls apart

dies and crumbles away.

into the heavens it disappears ,

where it goes no ones knows .

Through black holes and many tears

as lights go out

and we go cold.

Once something that what so beautiful

and so amazing ,

destroyed by man forever.

Gone forever in and instant

as times moves on and clears us away.

To start its process,

of producing life on another planet

as we become history today.

Gone and locked away,

in the vaults of time.

Forever banished

key to life thrown away.

As we have disgraced ourselves

and our makers too.

Remember this planet ,

remember this too,

if you want to stay ,

living on it and in the future to.

respect it ,

and treat it with

respect too.

As it is more powerful

and can unleash terrible ferocity too.


How beautiful and sweet when you’re in love to

and some gives you their love

and a rose too,

it is the colour of passion .

And made for romance

which is so beautiful too.

As it is as warm as the heart

and made just for you .

Its charming and bright

and lights up the room.

Just like your face when your glowing

and full of passion too.


My heart awaits your love too

my emotions erupt with passion too.

My dream is of loving you

sharing your feelings and being entwined with you.

My eyes gaze deeply as I  look at you,

your kiss sets me on fire with hot passions too.

your eloquent beauty and charm so smooth,

your words so deep and meaning full.

Like a bottle of sweet wine

you have hidden depths too,

as I swirl it around my lips

and think of you.

like a speciality on the menu

how can I resist and not eat you,

as you sit there and entice me with lots of love too.

Your dreams have happened our love came true.

Our paths have met and entwined too,

we longed for this moment it then came true,

destiny had love made for me and you.

a souls journey and thoughts too   2 comments

Whisper from your heart speak from your soul

let your feelings come out and bring life to the boil

emotions must be shown

and opinions voiced too.

ritual of life has its way

we are here today and tomorrow if we are lucky too.

gone is the past and future is coming hear you say

but what at about the present and tomorrow too.

as your drink some and people cheer

as life is on the move .

well its an experience and moment too

something we must cherish

before it’s a memory too.

here in an instant gone in a flash too

how long is a piece of string

well that’s some s life up too.

another day another life

a soul on its journey too.


You may  be full of charm and have great wit too

And tell wonderous stories

you may be hindu,buddhist,christian muslim

and come under the semblance of lifes and creator

your life, and words maybe given praise

and be full of wisdom too.

you may inspire others to lead life your way,

and get them to follow you

we ask  what if life maybe,  was this simple too .

Faith is something and many religions have their ways,

and idea,s and rituals too.

But what if they were all one and worshiped the same

how would we be and how would we treat others too

would we still fight wars and lead our lives the way we do

or would we be at peace

and share life and times and bring happiness

and look after those less fortunate too.

Or would we still be selfish and turn are back

and ignore those people

and crave wealth and riches be fat and be gluttonous

from over feeding.

and die lonely and un happy and miserable too.

Or would we change and lead the world differently

give back to the earth,

rather take,take, take, and solve the disputes

and all worship together too.

And lay down the sword and gun

and bring peace and understanding to all mankind

and live in peace and harmony too.


romancing  a lady is sweet but with rules

don’t take advantage and play it cool

let her speak and smile at her too.

Be kind and considerate and respect her feelings too

enjoy time with a bottle of wine

and her favourite drink too.

Share the conversation over a meal

and gaze into her eyes and say sweet things too her,

and she will respect you.

Remember things she says and make it interesting too

dress smartly or casual too

chocolates would be nice and coffee too.

but most of all take her gently by the hand

and show her your gentlemen too.

Be old-fashioned if you wish

or give her a smile and goodnight kiss

roses warm the heart bright red ones will do.

White Lilly are for death and she will hate you

open car door and let her get in

tell her you enjoyed her company

and would like to see her again.

If she agrees your luck is turning

and life will be much nicer

as romance begins.

Cook her meal

dim lights too

romantic music

would be nice as you put your arm around her

and speak softly too.

ask hows her day been she will appreciate this too

that tells her you’re not after just one thing

and have good conversation too.

Break the ice with a story and bit of humour

and make her giggle too.

she will soon warm and then she will love you.

don’t be a fool and get drunk too

forget your words

and criticise her too

these are no go and she will hate you

be decent  be kind

remember her feelings

these go along way in life

and she will remember that moment too

as she is  a lady and wish to share her love and affection too

as life is for living and having fun to

it’s so much nicer when you both enjoy it together

with happy memories too.

MY poems are my words some may inspire you   6 comments

My poems are words they are so true

I  write them myself and make mistakes too

my english isn’t perfect nor my grammar too

my blog is different as it shows my feelings

and my emotions as are expressed

through  my poetry and my words and my love too

there is romance here and love and passion too

a bit of astrology and prayer and hope too

dreams are wonderful and aspirations too

desires can excite and so can my poetry too

if you have a heart please stop and

view today its chance  of life time which may go away

your thoughts and wishes may come true

as what I write  may well help inspire you.

it may make you laugh and bring a smile too

as writing this is a pleasure

and I want to make you happy too

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Drifting apart our love we once shared

had now departed too

we know no longer see care or love too

we once had something beautiful

and wonderful too

that was exciting fun

special right through

we walked under the stars and gazed at the moon

we kissed so tenderly and passionately too

we had long summers spent on beach each day

walks in the park and laughter in the hay

outings and journey by train too

pubs and clubs and beer or two

nights rolling about in bed

and in fits of laughter too

in between passionate times

making love to you

that was then now we are free

its seems long time ago just like history

but we loved each  other

and had good times to

and we still have memories

and those we carry through life too


I  wondered through the forests and birds sang their tunes

foxes  hunted and scampered around searching for food

rabbits hopped and played in and out there burrows all day

as leaves rustled and blew in the breeze

how beautiful the peace and tranquility

the sun warmed and felt nice to-day

as I travelled merrily on my way

up through littles copses and across streams

and small paths through under growth

and bluebells too

as sweet little robins burst into fine too

chirping away so happily too

crows and rooks cackle high up

with pigeons too

as acorns drop to forest floor

and squirrels hurry to bury them

odd woodpecker lets you know he is their

pecking away at the wood in tree tops

making his new home to live in too

the beauty of a day in forests

sharing the wonders of nature too

lets keep it this way

and not destroy it too

so full of life and beauty

and so enjoyable too

created by nature

for animals ,birds and humans

such and abundance of life

not much of it left today

as money and greed takes and destroys it

for homes land and motorways

make the most of it as its there for you

before its gone and turned into dust too

as we humans have no respect for it

and destroy it to.

we were born crying then we became old too   2 comments

We were born crying then we grew up too

to live our lives and learn from it too

we are fit when were young

then we get frail and old

and lose are mobility too

as everything we try

is not so easy to do

we were once able to run

and climb trees too

now as we get old we need

a stanna stair lift to go to loo

as stairs seem so tiring

and quite a journey too

we have our afternoon nap

and fall asleep with cat on our lap

telly is talking our hearing goes too

what did he say my hearing has gone too

as life has come and gone too

from when we were young

we are now old and frail too

Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.


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