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We are meant to love one another not to hurt or abuse

a partner is not a punchbag to lay into each day

but there to be loved and cared for to

give affectionate hug and hold on to

to listen to their problems and give support through life too

not be rude and abuse hurt and punch and batter too

if you must do that go to a gym

put gloves on then lay in.

when you have finished contemplate your actions through

what you have done to your partner and get help too

seek advice and counselling

anger management is the place to begin

the person you left crying and bruised

is supposed to be person you love  and share happiness with

so change you attitude and be kind too

show her you love her and make amends too your mistakes

if not go on your way and don’t ever have another relationship

as you don’t deserve it today

as people like you

have no purpose in life

but to be put in prison

and keys thrown away

and left to rot

and decay.

Pompey, pompey where chimes ring out to   2 comments

Pompey, Pompey where chimes ring out to

a town full of history

where I was born to

where the famous have walked

and history was made too

from southsea castle you look out to sea

from the Palmerston follies guard over thee

the cockleshell heroes left from here too

to launch the daring raid against germans in France too

Nelson sailed from here and battled at Trafalgar too

where victorys guns  were ablaze and defeated the french

duke of Wellington was  assassinated in old Portsmouth

not far  from the cathedral a plaque stands in memory

peter sellers was born here and became famous too

in the films of the pink panther we remember you

all members of the royal family have been here too see

the views across the Solent and breath-taking scenery

the isle of wight bobs up and down out in the sea

where queen victoria once lived at Osborn house

Montgomery watched football at fratton park too

home of Pompey football club which is so famous too

when chimes ring out fratton football fans shout

Pompey Pompey play up Pompey.

the people are friendly and go about there lives each day

we have lots of museums marines  and D DAY

and   Whylie the famous maritime artist live here to

well this is city where I live

after many years of living away

this Portsmouth my home where I stay

You wake me in the morning   Leave a comment

You wake me in the morning

you gaze into my eyes too

you bring me a cuppa

you kiss me tenderly too

you hold me close

and say I love you

you make me feel wonderful

I care about you too

you open your heart

that’s why are love you.

I may keep you awake at night   Leave a comment

I may keep you awake at night

as I get close to you

your beauty your touch

your softness too

you show me much love

and tenderness too

I admire your beauty

as your eyes sparkle at me

you lay there trying to sleep

as I gently caress you

your warmth your beauty

as I hold you close too

you turn over and kiss me

and pull me close by me

your heart beats so beautifully

as we make love too.

Hrh Prince William and Catherine Middleton   4 comments

Hours away to a very special day

where a lady meets her prince for her wedding day

may streets be merry and happy too

as our special day is coming the royal wedding is due

may battle of britain flight make the crowds happy

with its fly over too

and army navy and airforce stand proud on the royal parade

and may the happy couple have a wonderful day

and may years of happiness too

and the possibility in the future

we may have a littles prince and little princess too

as a former member of the royal air force

shall raise a glass for you

and raise my hand and salute both of you.

good luck Prince William and Catherine Middleton

may your parents be proud of you both

and may sun shine and you have a beautiful day too

may you have  a lot of happiness and long-lasting marriage too.


Water bearing pours water down on you

he sometimes a little eccentric

but very kind and understanding

and will listen and look after you

he has big heart and is very caring too

he is a seer and very spiritual too

years ahead of his time

sometimes a loner too

but he is honest and very loyal too

if he lets you into to his life

you must be very special too

as he is full of ideas and once trust has been broken

it’s the end and curtains for you

as this is Aquarius he is the water bearer

and pours out his goodness on the land for you.

he or she expects total honesty and loyalty

and secretly will be analysing you

don’t hide anything or even try to

he can smell it a mile of and it will be discovered too

if you have a Aquarian in your life

it’s for life and he or she will be lover

,partner and best friend too.

as this  is time for change in life too

the world is in Aquarius just look at the world

and the middle east you can see it happening before you

its famous sign and history has shown a great many of them too

more than any other they have come and gone too

some are very clever and are geniuses too

you will know when one is about they can be outrageous to you

dress sense a little odd and sometimes in front of fashion too

this is Aquarius  what are you.


Some times we feel things and see them too

sometimes we have dreams and thoughts which come true

sometimes we get scared and see ghosts too

sometimes we get haunted by that past and present

which is very daunting too

we are a spirit in skin

a soul which has joined since the beginning.

from birth we are joined through our life

until death and we depart

what becomes of us then do we drift or go to heaven

as  we lay and rest so peacefully

while people get upset and cry too

there thoughts and wishes and feelings too

what becomes of us then is it a deep sleep

or do we travel to heaven and hell

await our fate and be born again

the mystery of life and death is so interesting .

maybe this is test for us today

to prepare us for what

we will not know

untill its our time to go

and face fate and destiny too

life and death is a mystery too

of which we do not know.

untill then we stay and grow

from fit and healthy we shrivel up to

go from being active to being old and unable to do

things in life we loved to do

until fate decides its our turn too.

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THEY DARED TO LOOK   3 comments

They dare to look and venture to

what a shock I heard there comments too

they thought I was asleep

they were mistaken too

they were reading my blog and my poetry too

i didn’t know he was religious

well sort of he is

isn’t he deep

his poetry is good

they thought I was asleep

what a shock someone had when they walked in

I looked at them and said

you have aired my dirty laundry out in public havent you

reading my poetry and passing comments too

a grin was witnessed and face went red with embarrassment too

a certain lady realized she had been rumbled and couldn’t argue too

so beware when you have family around and visitors too

they may have sneaky read of your blog

and pass comments too and make polite conversation

and talk about you too.

oh dear that’s it so embarrassing too

nowhere to hide or run too

my secret life of blogger and poet

is now in tatters too.

life and love the journey we take   Leave a comment

I have often wondered about life and love to

My heart has searched and i have been

full of emotions and shed many tears to

what is the purpose and what do we do too

as we face life’s difficulties troubles and trauma too

it sometimes feels like a mountain which is never-ending too

but we pray and hope that life gives us a chance and helps

find away through this today

will god give us strength and helps us too

his word is powerful and he listens too

he made us like him and he lived too

he then died and was resurrected too.


Easter is for bunnies and chocolate too

Easters is for hopping mad people

eating lots of chocolate like you

and what happens when chocolates gone

oh dear withdrawal symptoms set in and denial to

my you have put on weight my dear

don’t deny it I can see it on you

what do you mean my dear

well either you have put on weight

no dear your dreams have come true

what do you mean my dear

you a father shock horror

my nightmares come true

excuse me dear

I have news for you

marriage is over and divorce is due

I  am of to solicitors

its good-bye to you.

Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.


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