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I wouldn’t be anything without you in my life today.
You give me support in my life today,
you support me ,love me in every way.
Your kindness, and tenderness make me melt in your arms to.
Your smile and your warmth ,radiates so beautifully through.
Your deep understanding and thoughtfulness to
Makes you so special and wonderful to.

My life has changed and this is down to you.
My life now has a purpose and is fulfilled to.

My dream of happiness and great expectations,
has now began since I fell in love with you.

I once had a hope that my wish would come true.
That I would find happiness and be loved to.
I waited and searched and had great misfortune to.
Then one day sun shined and stars guided me to you.

There stood a woman whose smile led the way,
to a heart full of warmth and kindness in every way.

A woman who had suffered in the past and understood to,
a woman who had cried her heart out ,
but only wanted love to.

A woman whose eyes sparkled
A woman of love and honesty and passion .
Who felt same as I do.
Who gave me hope ,
and brought me love to.

A woman who gave me a shoulder to lean on
who was an inspiration to,
who gives me wisdom, and appreciate the things I do.

This is a special woman ,
who loves me to.

Thank god
for this kind deed
I know you listen to.

As you opened up the doors to heaven
and sent down this angel to,
share my life and happiness,
and guide me through life to.

This comes from my heart
To show how much I love you
You are so special
I truly love you.


Those who are critical and think there perfect to
may take a step back and look at them selves
as to others they are a joke to.

some people may not be able to write
or be able to punctuate to .
some of us may have dyslexia,,
dyspraxia,, and dis cal to.

To people like us words are a challenge
and when we read they appear before
our eyes differently to

But we do our best and we’re not critical
of others who write, but respect them
for trying to.

Some of us aren’t computer literate
or qualified in editing to.
Spell check is okay as long as you understand basic English to.
If not your prone to mistakes
as some us make them to.
but we don’t write on word press to be judged.

only to try bring others happiness through our hobby to.
To those who have difficulty with English
and communication through words
don’t let others worry you .

you’re not alone in life
and you can do things to
enjoy doing your writing
what ever kind you do.

And try your best have fun
and keep trying to.

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poetry is full of life   7 comments

poetry is full of life
and full of words to.
poetry is a string of words some of them rhyme to.
poetry is wisdom and life ,
poetry is good for you.
poetry can give direction
and be full of imagination to.

poetry can be positive and make you smile to
poetry of life is like a journey that we take to.
poetry flows like a river and rollercoaster to
ups and downs twists and turns and beauty of words
full of emotion and feeling from with in the heart
and it has the soul to.

poetry can be a dream and make
people happy to.

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I walk under the stars i gaze at you
Your heavenly beauty shines the night through
sparkling one so far away a distant part of the milky way
I wonder i wonder if there life there with you
or is the thought of alien life a dream to

we gaze we look and theories to
will we ever know
what goes on in the heavens above us to

Life is question we think of each day
scientists have wondered and pondered this to
one day we will find out if the big bang theory
is definitely to .

Darwin had thoughts and others have to
was mars the first planet with life on
before the earth did to.

Did we come from the sea,
or were we apes up in the trees
or did we cross-breed with a higher form of intelligence
are the aprocypts special to
One day we may find out
and what will life do
Life is an experience
for a short period to

we know it begins with birth
and ends as we know it with death to

Is there something we experience after
or is it long sleep to.
I often wonder about life
and our journey through it to.


Through the early morning mists and the dew drops to.
You walk my way across the hill,from far away.
Undaunted by the obstacles in your way,
your beauty strides across the open land to,
as your hips swing and feet go in front of you.
Your hair flows and your eyes gaze to.

Through pastures on your merrily way,
like a fair maiden,you’re so sophisticated to,
age has never been problem for you.
Your beauty is timeless,
and your looks to.

Your eyes sparkle so azure blue,
your smile warms from deep
within the heart to.
With timeless expression ,I gaze at you
my heart flutters and jumps a beat or two.

As I walk across the open space towards you
as journey end is near to.
Look upon your smiling face,
the way you walk with such beauty and grace.

As we meet and our journey comes to a close,
as we hug ,hold and say our hello.
As we become one so tight and warm.
Our feelings, expressions, and emotions to.
Our passion from not seeing each other, starts to shine through.
As you reach and hold my face ,
and your lips kiss so warmly to.
I am glad you have come to.

Through early morning mists and dew drops to.
Our love may cherish,as our journey continues.
Through the open countryside,hills and pastures to.
As we live grow and mature to,
as we experience life and its pleasures to.

Through the early morning mists and dew drops to.
Our journey continues just me and you.
Hot summers days gazing at nature to,
Evenings under the stars, looking at the moon.

Long gone are summer evenings as autumn draws in fast to
As leaves drops and wither away and evening get darker to.
As squirrels gather there nuts and animals start to hibernate to.
Through early morning mists and dew drops to
our love carries on and gets more meaning full to.

As cold winter evenings and snow falls to
people build snowmen and ride down slopes,
on sleighs to.
life carries on and hot pots and roasts and stews to
coals fires and drop of ale and old tales to.

Cosy nights in and evenings with films to
family gatherings and mulled wine to
horse chestnuts roasting on fire
long gone mists and dew drops have withered to.
love life and feelings and being snuggled up close to you.
until seasons change .
and early morning mists and dew drops to.


My Name is Lara i am such cute and sweet kitty
full of fun and very adventurous to

I spend my life sleep eating and running berserk each day.

Kevin had a shock we he met me
he thought how sweet a little kitty
I had the last laugh there
he wasn’t impressed to

As ever I have driven him mad
scratched clawed and hissed and bit him to
as I’m Lara and I rule the roost to
Kevin’s just menial I am boss to

cats in the neighbour hood know me to
I may be small and they have had a shock to.
The huge ginger tom came out to play
he approached my window the other day,
I lay there wait and pounced on him to .
there was a scream cat style and a lot of hissing to.
He ran a mile i sat there made a warning scream to
Kevin tried to calm me he got bitten, scratched and clawed and hissed at to.

I am Lara don’t mess with me cute and sweet you think
we will see.

I a performer and work in cats circus to
I can regularly be seen performing
and balancing and doing my ballet for all to see
there airing frame is my stage as I balance up there
regularly climb and Kevin stops and stares

The window sills are good to as

I watch and spy my next victims
and those dodgy birds to.
They may sing and tweet at dawn each day
but when the see me they just fly away
ill just wait and then stalk them to..

A big black cat was sunbathing to
what a cheek on my bloody roof to,
he had a shock, as I carefully crept up to him to.
As i lea pt of a ledge and pounced on him to
a cats scream was heard as he was shocked to
he’s met Lara he knows whose boss now to.

well its time to go and get some tea, my servant
and owner Kevin best have it ready for me.

Or he will be in trouble I dare him to stroke me
the sweet and innocent little kitty cute maybe
then you have a shock I am Lara you see.

bye for now bye from kitty .

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The earth has shaken once again
is this the beginning or is this the end.

The sea has risen and washed the unfortunate Japanese people away
now there facing radiation to.
A country who has suffered two nuclear bombs two
how much they have suffered and still do.

Now they are homeless and villages destroyed to.
the sea reclaimed land and radiation spreading to.

the second world war ended after much suffering
now the earth is punishing them to.

why must they suffer and what can we do
they don’t need this and we pray for them to.

a man found floating on his roof top at sea,
another’s survives in the ground to,
a woman of 70 rescued to,
these are true life heroes
who have lost all they own to.

The wonderful mother who tried so desperately to out run the tsunami
she is a hero who was swept away to her children she save god bless her to.
her husband survives and searches to as children say we will find mummy
it’s so heart breaking to.
What a wonderful mum she must have been .
She will always live in their memories.

we must pray and hope for these wonderful people each day
That they get everything they need and can carry on to.

It must be so hard when life has changed, one moment everything fine next washed
And homes crumbled and destroyed to.

What can they expect and what future ,do they have to.
god bless these people and ones who have died to.
may they all have peace and a future to.
They will always be special
and remain in our thoughts each day
as they have suffered more than us
in their day..

SPEAK BUT DONT BE SHY   Leave a comment

If you have idea or belief to,
share and announce
and find out what others think to.

Don’t be shy don’t be scared
your entitled to a view-point to.
It may be brilliant it may be cool
You may be genius with right tools.
You may save something, and do something to.
You may do something so dramatic
it changes the world today.

You may make a very big difference
in a very special way.
Don’t hide don’t be fool
be brave and feel good,
be positive and who knows .
it maybe your day and help the world.
and improve life today.

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A time is coming a time so soon
A time of destruction and immortal doom.
a time when man will suffer to .
A time when humanity will pay the price to.

The earth is changing and warning us.
From ancient times its showing us to.

The changes we are seeing upon us today
destruction, devastation await some day.
Beware of the future and politics to
beware of leaders and smooth talk to.
beware of false promise it leads to doom.
our time is coming and not to soon.

The earth is crumbling and decaying to
people are starving and suffering to.
we are heading for crisis and a big war to.
If we don’t change we will all suffer very dearly soon.

As tides rise and earthquakes get worse to ,
as famine and drought and pestilence to.
greed is ruining and destroying us each day.
world leaders are deceiving us, and leading us astray.

what havent we learnt from the past or forgotten our beliefs to.
Our failure to learn and be kind and make peace to.
. we have to be carefull and change this planet soon
or we human beings will suffer to.

we have been through changes and ice ages to
we have been through and heat waves to
and pestilence to
but now we face radiation and worse from nuclear power to

Life is for living this planet is special to
we see middle east changing
what about the west to
maybe its time we stood up
and over throw our governments to.

A time for change a time for reality.
A time for peace and tranquility.
a time to help others like Japanese to.
A time for world peace and to end disagreements to.
A time for understanding,
and for this generation to.
to stand up say enough
we want this mess sorted out to.

we are human beings and all live here to
we can’t control nature and must start respecting it to
we take from the ground and mine to
we leave gaping wholes and don’t repair the damage to.

This earth will only take so much
and will make us suffer again to.
Its time to seriously change
and respect the planet earth to..

As earth has shaken and shocked us to
As tides have rushed and warned us to
The planet isn’t happy,
has warned us again to .
If we don’t change it will be our fate to.

I ONCE WAS MARRIED   Leave a comment

I once was married a nightmare which came true
I thought it was love in then fell through
I fell for a smile and kiss to
I then found hatred and pure lies to

I thought it was love brought to me
From cupids arrow and meant to be destiny

I fell for the charms and the eyes to.

Then i saw evil all the way through.
what can be purer than religion
or truth not this woman ,
she was foul proof.

a chip on her shoulder
and tongue like a whip to
as subtle as a snake
she would his and spit
and say malicious things to.

Her crime to humanity
was loneliness to.

she wanted love
but really money, through and through.

Beware of the eyes they may hypnotize you,
beware of charm and charisma to,
beware of the promise ,
and the words I love you,
unless she’s genuine
she’s not for you.

Don’t judge by the character
or the book cover to.
Take time read the pages
all the way through.

If she’s a woman she will bear her all to.
There wont be any lies, or deceitfulness to
she will be genuine ,
and will smile to,
she will make you,
and let you cry on her shoulder to.
she will let you near,
maybe give you child to.
she may love and honour
worship and adore you.

I once was married

but now iam free.

Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.


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