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I dream of happiness   Leave a comment

I dream of happiness and love to.

I dream of someone special maybe you.

I dream of fun and laughter to and hug and hold you.

I dream of peace and tranquility to,and sharing it with some one special to.

i dream of walks and talks,under the heavens with full moon,

I dream of romance and love through and through.

And all the passion that comes to.

I dream of your beauty and voice with subtle tones,

and your skin like skin like porcelain which covers your bones.

I dream of warmth and beauty you share and cuddles and closeness

of you bieng

right there.

I dream of someone so special and the romance to

as life would be so nice if shared with you.

Why is life so nasty and cruel   Leave a comment

Why is life so nasty and so cruel,

Why is life destiny tool.

Why is hurt the word of the day ,cruel and so horrible in every way.

Why are lies such common place through out are lives everyday.

Why the pain and anguish to suffering the way we do.

I know not why we must go through

We ask forgiveness in our lives to,

for suffering which has come so true,

our lives we live through and through,

ask help like we do.

But the sufferings continues each day to

as lifes are lost through tragedy to.

As people and suffer anguish to,

lies and deceit and evil to.

Hatred follows the harmony through.

as people smile and twist knives to,

and spread gossip and do evil to.

Why is life so nasty and cruel to.

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When your feeling sad and lonely to   2 comments

When your feeling sad
and life is lonely for you.
Dont just sit there and cry or shed a tear or two

Think of something ,that will put a smile on your face.
Go and get it and don’t give the chase.

When all feels so lost and your feeling so down,
have a nice cuppa and gaze all around.

When darkness has set in it’s not the end,
but just a test we all go through.

It’s the conclusion of a part of life,
and the start of something new.

Life can be so full of hope ,with lots of happiness to.

So dont worry or be sad,
because something special is on its way to you.

It may only be a matter of time,
before the darkness of the storm passes by,
but very soon sun will shine again on you.

And a brown knew beginning will come to you.

A smile will flow across your beautiful face to,
and you will feel happy ,like brown new you.

Full of bounce and energy and vigour to,
with a spring in your step ,as you leap around to.

Hay look at my smile and watch this face ,
as i am back and ready to take on the human race.

No longer sad or lonely to as ive bounced back ,
and i am ready for a laugh and joke to.

Life thought it had beaten me and thrown me away to
but i am back and ready to show you .

So when your feeling sad and lonely to
it’s just passing and hope will come back to you.

When the wind blows and romance shows   Leave a comment

When wind blows and showers of rain comes to cleanse and purify you   .

as life is special and so are you from the beauty of your eyes to your voice to

the subtle tones which come from the deep,words so beautiful and neat,your tenderness so sweet.

Youre kiss so passionate and deep,your warmth and the comfort of holding you

makes my dreams and secret desires come true.

I wonder and gaze at the beauty of you,as slowly caress and make passion a desire flow tenderness and fire rise  from deep within.our journey slowly starts to begin and life shows through the wonder of you.

As beauty and passion burns the night through as earth shakes and climaxes to as fire inside subsides and we sleep to.

I dream of the special beauty of you untill the dawn chorus announces morning to I hold you close and have such sweet memories of you.

Today a wish may come true   Leave a comment

Today a wish may come true
as my thoughts and my and beliefs may have inspired you.

I think of the years gone by
when pondering why oh why.
have i done so little to inspire and make reality
those thoughts and wishes others have seen.

A dream so deep stuck right down there
have surfaced and are now right out there.

When a rainbow shows its true beauty
a spectrum of light dazzles so true.

as sunsets so beautiful light up the sky
as heavenly moon glows so bright
i wish for happiness with stars so bright
up in heavens glare.

I stop and stare and wonder why
i think of years gone by why oh why.

A time to move and time to shine
a time to be bright and sparkle so true
like the oceans so deep and so blue
hills and valleys and mountains to

They have inspired me and make my dreams come true.

As i take a trip through destiny.
a trip of many wonders and beauty to.

I get inspired by humanity
in all its ways colours creeds
and its unusual beliefs out for all to see.

Today a wish may come true
as i write this poetry for you.
my heart beats a joyful tune
it beat a heavenly heart beat just for you.

Today a wish may come true.

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Valentines Day   Leave a comment

Valentines day is coming soon.
It’s a time for peace,love and lots of kindness to.
A time for showing how much you care
A time for dreams and love to be shared.
A time for sweet words and happiness to.
A time for actions,roses and chocolates,romance to

As the act of love is very special indeed.
it’s a time to share and unite as one.
its time for showing with emotions and love to.

Romance is special in its own unique way
as destiny has its own special part to play.

While heavenly their heavenly harps
and cupid fires his arrows to.

Its time for hearts to jump a beat
as romance blossoms with passion and heat.
as volcano of lust erupts from deep within.

as eyes gaze so deeply to
with passions and hugs and a kiss or two.

a time for dreams to become reality
as you offer a rose and fall on one knee

will she say yes or will she say no
will your hearts beat together and will they grow
as cupid fires his arrow from his bow

Valentines day is coming soon
when roses are offered and love is in bloom
may you will find her love soon
as valentines day is coming soon.

When the beauty of life comes your way   Leave a comment

  • When the beauty of life comes your way
  • love her and show her your feelings in every way
  • as it is not often the beauty of life will pass your way
  • it comes only once in life to us in its own unique way.
  • When the beauty of life shows up in our day
  • her charm and smile will show in every way
  • When the beauty of life comes our way show her respect and love her each day
  • as the beauty of life is so wonderful and comes once our way
  • she is unique and understanding in her every way and she will listen to
  • When the beauty of life comes your way
  • take her by the hand hold her close and show her your feelings
  • and appreciate her in every way
  • As she is so sweet and beautiful and kind caring and true
  • as she appears only once in a life just for you.
  • Gaze at her beauty and wonderful charm to see how elegant she is
  • and link her arm close to you.
  • As when she is beside you life will be so special for you
  • as she is for keeps and will always love you.
Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.


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