This year has been life changing in the world today   Leave a comment

This year has been life changing in the world today

the joy of gods creation is changing rapidly and in a very evil way

war and terrorism like we have never seen

people starving being made homeless as refugees

children with guns fighting for there lives and there families

people being taken hostage and killed and mudered becuase of a believe

goverments corrupt lieing and deceiving us each day

barbaric acts on display

is this what our lord and god wanted to happen

in this world he created for us to live in

in his likeness on that beautiful day

no is answer so let us try and bring some peace

happiness and love and joy back into this world today

stand up be counted and help get rid of all this evil and decay

and bring some joy and some beleive and peace once again

Has my cancer returned.   Leave a comment

Has my cancer returned

Once again my appetite has gone away

not sure what is going on or happening

or whether my cancer I had is returning once again

but over a period of time now my need for food is slowly going away

this weekend i went twenty four hours with no feeling of hunger

and no wanting of food  once again.

I hope its not but I think cancer is returning once again.

In march I was told I had cancer growths in both my kidneys

they were quickly removed with major surgery

and ive since been having dialysis as i lost both my kidneys

ive been positive and battled back to but the main sympton is back

now I wait and see once again and wait to find out the truth.

Rember them this Rememberance day   Leave a comment

Remember them this Rememberance day

As we sit in two minutes of silence to day

and remember those who died faraway

and fought to give us freedom today

remember those who came home to

as they fought with bravery and great courage to

who may have since died and passed away

they were all heroes for us today

even those in conflicts today still fightig for us faraway

Remember them this rememberance day

they were once like you and me some have died

others are maimed and injured too

we owe them great thanks and great respect to

for queen and country they served with great honour and great bravery

to give freedom for you and me

wear your poppy with pride for all to see

in rememberance of those who died

to bring about peace.

Autumn winds on a breezy day   Leave a comment

Winds blow on  Autumn breeze

leave rustle endlessly

branches swing and sway

leaves die and fall away

tear drops come raining down

puddles form all around

everything dies and wilts away

rains cleanse and wash away

all the past of yesterday

then winter comes and freezes too

hibernation for me and you

birds build there nests

we light warm log fires

to take the cold away

animals hunt for food and shelter once again

dark evenings follow too

summer long gone sping will be here soon

another year almost over

a new year due soon.

Under the sun we melt away   Leave a comment

Under the sun we melt away

blue sky is  above the sea

a reflection of live beneath thee

far above a heavenly glow

warms the day for us below

trees sway with the breeze

leaves rustle merrily

sounds are heard far away

people go about enjoying there day

whilst we sit observing life people passing by on there way

white clouds above pass away

like the ice cream in our hands slowly melting and disapearing away.

The stage is set for a beautiful day   Leave a comment

The stage is set for a beautiful day

I must go

and practise and play

and let my voice harmonise once again

as the voice inside starts to grow

lyrics come out in a lovely way

words of a song I sing once again

a melody of love to you

a bright and cheerful beautiful tune

as the ear drums vibrate away and vocal chords

put on a display

guitar sounds and bass to

drums beat with chorus

as I sing a song just for you

The blossoming time of a beautiful day   Leave a comment

The blossoming time of a beautiful day

when sun shines in the month of may

when spring gives birth to life once again

after autumn and winter took it away

the warmth of the sun its beautiful display

shining brightly so far away

our golden light its beautiful display

live lives on again and again.

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